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        Blisters dice gameAppalachian Trail hikers 

    Blisters Dice Game™ was born during 6 month walk from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail. The Appalachian Trail is a footpath along the Appalachian Mountains that extents from Florida to Canada. In 1987, when Blisters was created, the Appalachian Trail was 2145 miles long, starting atop Springer Mountain in Georgia winding its way to the northern terminus atop Mt. Katahdin in Maine. Mark and I spent six months on the Trail, experiencing the best and worst nature had to offer. Blisters was born as we waited out foul weather, tossing the dice to pass the hours. I called the game Blisters because my feet were covered with them.

Channel Craft toys and games     The six month Appalachian backpacking adventure was over and I found myself in the real world. Even though the hike had ended, I continued to play Blisters and shared the game with my friends. Everybody seemed enjoy Blisters as much as I did so I decided to offer it to everyone. I enlisted Channel Craft to manufacture and distribute Blisters five years later. Not just for hikers, the dice game has caught on and now the whole world is enjoying Blisters!

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    Blisters is also known as Take A Hike. This format can be found at Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops. The name may be different and the packaging new but it is that same awesome game you've loved for over 25 years!

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   Be sure to try all of HAE's game creations manufactured by Channel Craft. Blisters is will be available soon on Apple and Android devices. When you play Blisters, think of my sore feet and the 2000 mile walk that created them! This game is dedicated to the Appalachian Trail.

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